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In the trophy room can you check which trophies you've won and what you need to do to get more trophies. There are bronze silver and golden trophies.

                                                         List of trophiesEdit

Rising Star: Get level 2 fame (bronze).

10 Season Goals: Score 10 goals in 1 season (bronze).

Glimmer Of Hope: Win your first cup match (bronze).

New Boy: Be at the team (bronze).

Made Debut: Play a match (bronze).

2 In A Row: Score 2 matches in a row (bronze).

Off The Mark: Score a goal in a match (bronze).

League Cup  Semi-Finalist: Play the Semi-Final of the cup (bronze).

League Cup Quarter-Finalist: Play the quarter final of the cup (bronze).

Illusionist: Score 10 hatricks in your career (silver).

Top Goal Scorer: Finish the season as the top goal scorer (silver).

10 In A Row: Score ten games in a row (silver).

Magican: Score 3 hatricks in 1 season (silver).

Rival Turf: Beat Chester Away (silver).

Cup Hatrick: Score a hattrick in a cup match (silver).

3 In A Row: Score three matches in a row (silver).

Debutant: Score in your debute. (silver).

Hatrick: Score your first hatrick (silver).

Make 10 Appearances: pPay 10 matches(silver).   

Five Goal Frenzy: Score 5 goals in one game (silver).

20 Season Goals: Score 20 goals in 1 season (silver).                 

Back-Yard Beating: Beat South-Londen away (silver).                                                                                                                                                                                                   5 In A Row: Score 5 games in a row (gold).

Complete A Season: Complete a season (gold).

Cadet: Complete 2 seasons (gold).

Centurion: Score 100 goals (gold).

30 Season Goals: Score 30 goals in 1 season (gold).

Wizard: Score a hatrick against South-Londen (gold).